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Cheap Flights to New York City

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Cheap Flights to New York City

New York is located on the coast of Atlantic Ocean on a large natural harbor. It is among one of the most densely populated city of the world.

It is not a major city of United States but is also one of the major cities of the world. It dominates the world as per politics; trade, commerce, science etc are concerned.

It is connected through air with the major cities of the world. There are lots of direct New York flights from London, Paris and other European countries. And as such getting a New York airline tickets is very easy.

Climate –
The climate of New York is Humid Continental type. The summers are hot and humid. The winters are cold here. Snow and winter rains are common in New York.  In some places the temperature touches to -21 degree Celsius during winter season. In mid may the temperature revolves around 25 – 30 degree Celsius. Spring season are warm and pleasant. During winter season there is good chance to get cheap flights to New York City and it is easy to get the New York airline tickets at that time.

Best time to fly –
If cheap flights to New York are available then purchase it and come down to New York. It is always a good time to travel one of the greatest cities of the world. However as per the tourist season are concerned the best time to fly New York is Sep –Dec as it is the peak season. Apr –Jun is the next choice. Getting flights to New York at this period is easy.

Best time to travel –
People are visiting New York through out the year. There purpose may vary. The best time to travel New York is during autumn as the temperature is mild and humidity is less. The Peak season is Sep –Dec. At that time some times getting room in a hotel becomes difficult. If looking for cheap flights to New York then Jan –Aug is the right time as you can bargain with the airliners.

Attractions –
Purchase a ticket for New York Flights and drop in to see the tourist attractions in New York.
•    Empire State Building – It is one of the tallest building of New York. You can get a good view of the New York City from the top of the Empire State Building.
•    Statue of Liberty – This statue was presented by France during the French revolution. It attracts almost all tourists who visit New York.
•    Staten Island Ferry -   It ferries from Manhattan to Staten Island and is a free service. Tourists can view the Statue of Liberty as well as the harbor during the transit.

The other important tourist sites are – Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum; Hall of Fame; Wax Museum; Rockefeller Center; Ellis Island Museum; Metropolitan Museum of Art; Central Park; Times Square; United Nations Headquarters, wall street etc.

Getting in and around –
There are plenty of Taxis but are expensive. The Buses are good but it is not so fast. The subways are fast and very convenient, but you can not see the views from it. The train services are also available and connect it from other cities of the United States. It is affordable and stress free. Food and accommodation is easily available.

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